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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  September 19, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> tradition. history. culture. discover the best memories of your life. and now "bbc world news america." >> this is bbc world news america reporting from washington. it.nose have scotland decides to stay part of the u.k.. resignation ofe the first minister. foreign ministers gather at the u.n. where the secretary of state holds a session on the
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state of iraq. and we have photographs that offer an insider's look at this california playground. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. will remainingdom united. that was the decision of scottish voters who rejected and every friend of him -- who rejected a referendum on independence. no.ercent chose 45% chose yes. turnout was a whopping 85%. the man who led the campaign for independence announced his resignation. we have all the details.
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>> put away the flags. stop the campaigning. the great national debate is over. more people cared. more believed. more voted for independence than ever before. dream is dead. , 55%inal result, 45% yes was clearer than expected. this afternoon, he called the media to the first minister's office and announced that he would soon quit the job. as leader, my time is nearly over. but for scotland, the campaign continues and the dream shall never die. we have an opportunity to hold westminster's feet to the fire
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for the promises they have made to scotland. this places scotland in a strong position. >> the story of the night was clear almost from the very first result. >> 19,036. [applause] on, subdued for so long, celebrated. campaign, subdued for so long, celebrated. surely his successor knew it was all over. yes, 194,000. , 159,000. the news from scotland's biggest a consolation prize.
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it simply was not close enough. who fought for scotland to remain in the u.k., the relief was palpable. >> the people of scotland have spoken. we have chosen unity over division and positive change rather than meaningless separation. >> those watching outside scotland had simply had to hold their breath. the prime minister watched for much of the night, aware that a yes vote would destroy not just his country, but his reputation. the people of scotland have spoken and it is a clear result. i am delighted. >> the debate was settled for a
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generation, he said. there could be no disputes, no reruns. scotland would get more power, but change would go much further than that. >> just as the people of scotland will have more power over their affairs, so follows that the people of england, wales, and northern ireland must have a bigger say over theirs. the rights of these voters need to be respected, preserved, and enhanced. are thewill ask, why politicians talking about constitutional changes on the very day when the country has rejected independence? the answer is here in glasgow. the people of this great city voted by majority to leave the u.k. wayanger they feel at the things are currently run is felt up and down what remains of the united kingdom. but this great national debate will now happen without him
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leading scotland. nick robinson, bbc news, glascow. >> for more on reaction to the vote, we spoke with lucy hawking's a short time ago. tell us about the statement we had today by queen elizabeth? the united kingdom have been waiting to hear from the queen. she was incredibly quiet before the referendum vote. she likes to remain neutral on anything political. we now have a statement from her. estate inhat she has scotland at balmoral, and she released a personal statement. knowing the people of scotland as i do, i have no doubt that people throughout the united to express able strongly held opinions before coming together in a spirit of mutual respect and support to work together for the country. she went on to say my family and
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i will do what we can to support you in this important task. david cameron, the prime minister in london, emphasized unity today. the country has been divided over whether it should be independent. it must now come together to move forward and work together for what people are calling a better and stronger scotland. >> what changes could be in store for scotland in the future? the big question, because those that campaigned very hard for scotland to remain within the united kingdom have promised scots more power. hollywood already has some power but what has been promised is more power on things like taxes and welfare spending. the details have not been made available.
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there are meetings this weekend to discuss this immediately. we are looking at a timetable that within a matter of months we will see specifics come out. what has happened, i think, is a clear call for change in scotland. promises have been made that must be delivered on. >> thank you for joining us. >> back in the u.s., secretary of state john kerry convened a un security council for -- to shore up support for the fight in iraq against the islamic state. the united states is looking to the international community to remove the life-threatening danger posed by the islamic state. for more, i spoke to bruce calico -- i spoke a short time ago to a washington post columnist. how significant is it that now france is joining this
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campaign against islamic state in iraq? >> it certainly suggests that the coalition the obama administration has been trying to build is now substantial. it stretches into europe, including many key countries in the middle east. we will have to see how extensive french participation that the french have joined the united states before britain is an interesting development. secretary kerry has been leaving the door open to iranian participation. u.s. officials have said that the u.s. is in a kind of liaison de-conflict aircraft over iraq since each country is operating there. kerry wants to coordinate actions with iran looking toward the deadline for the nuclear negotiations. at the same time, he doesn't
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want to scare off the sunni partners. if they think the u.s. is getting too close to iran, they may bolt. what has the director of beennal intelligence saying about the threat? >> i spoke to him on wednesday. we discussed at some length the intelligence community's estimates of the problem that state post. i asked him if he thought that there had been mistakes made. he answered that he had seen the growth of the islamic state and thathis year frankly we had underestimated the will of the islamic state to fight and overestimated the will of the iraqi army. he said this was very similar to the mistakes the united states
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made in vietnam. >> interesting historical comparison. the president said no ground troops would be committed to the fight. tensions are emerging in the military, perhaps also in the intelligence community. there is a desire that before this strategy goes too much further, to express whatever reservations people have. i think the military fears that resident obama, in ruling out the use of u.s. ground troops in combat is closing doors that may need to remain open. >> is there anyway way to reopen those doors. >> he has boxed himself and certainly in the over deployment of u.s. troops. he used the same special forces in a covert role that is deniable. they could be used and the
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president could say they are not being used efficiently. >> "i got it wrong." that was the admission of nfl commissioner robert goodall ofay over his handling domestic abuse cases. his admission came on the same ay president obama announced new campaign to deal with sexual assault on campuses -- with some help from hollywood. >> a star-studded cast lend their voices to a new white house lead effort to end sexual assaults on college campuses. >> learn how and take the pledge at it's on >> president obama and vice president joe, kicked off the campaign today at the white house. the president calling for america to change its attitude
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toward sexual abuse and a mastic violence. >> we have to have a fundamental from in our culture, sports to pop culture to politics, our society still does not sufficiently value women. we don't condemn sexual assault as loudly as we should. we make excuses. we look the other way. the message that sends can have a chilling effect on our young women. >> one of the students who suffered sexual assault spoke up. >> using your experience to protect others from rate is both empowering and so important, but it also tethers you to your pain. said students has will no longer have to endure if the campaign is successful. , i more on the campaign spoke a brief time ago with the white house reporter for the associated press. what research is the white house looking at as it unveils its
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campaign against sexual assault on campuses. >> there is a researcher named alan berkowitz who has done some studies on what is called the social norm. he says if people interpret that their peers are not opposed to activity, that they are reluctant to speak up. there is promising research that could help prevent sexual assault. campusesllege misinterpret how other students interpret sexual assault. they think they are more accepting than they really are. >> so is this a campaign to encourage men to act differently? >> what president obama was talking about today was aimed at men. we saw sports stars and celebrities involved in the campaign. the campaign overall this year has been about reaching women. this is an election year when democrats are reliant on female
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turn out to have victories. >> this is a campaign that has a political edge as well as being about trying to stamp something out. >> this white house has an office on women and girls that has never been created before in a white house that from the beginning has been about looking at these issues because this is a very important political constituency for the president. however, you can see that the campaign has had some impact and has raised awareness on an issue that before had not been talked about much. >> apparently 12% of women on sexuallywho have been assaulted actually reports that two police. how is this campaign going to change that? >> there has been a lot of research about that. reason womene don't report this is because they are embarrassed. i think part of what they are trying to do is bring this out of the shadows, support survivors, and say this is
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unacceptable. >> what were the recommendations, and are they going to be implemented? >> colleges and universities are not doing a very good job about this. they are saying you need to have more advocates for victims, survey your policies, find out how widespread the problem is. the most important thing about the report is that now the department of education is publicizing which colleges and universities are not handling sexual assault well. >> naming and shaming. thank you for your time. you are watching bbc america. aly baba is on wall street. what next for the e-commerce giant? smithkline was fined a record 400 $19 million by a court in china today. it's the largest penalty of its kind ever imposed on the
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company. bribing found guilty of doctors and hospitals to use their products. they formally apologized for the actions, saying they will change business practices to eliminate misconduct in the future. we have the latest on the ruling and its wider applications. >> this is the largest fine in chinese corporate history and a serious embarrassment for glaxosmithkline. claim they have been operating a major bribery andork, getting doctors hospitals to use their product in order to boost sales and push up prices. the company has now been fined almost half $1 billion. the head of chinese operations has been given a suspended jail sentence. for more than a year, gs k has been cooperating with chinese authorities. it now says it fully accept the facts of the investigation.
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in a statement, it said the illegal activities of its chinese units were wholly contrary to the values and standards expected from gs k employees and a published a statement of apology to the chinese people. weeks after a private investigator appointed k to look into accusations of corruption made by a whistleblower was said to be violating privacy laws. authorities are cracking down. experts say the fine imposed on glaxosmithkline is likely to serve as a warning to others in the country. >> the highly anticipated debut
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of chinese e-commerce giant did notba -- alibab disappoint. the company closed at 93 dollars, much higher than the $68 it was marked at last night. why are u.s. investors so dazzled by allie baba? >> i think there are two main reasons. number one, the state of the company in general. if you want to think about it in terms of american analogies, it's a little bit of amazon, little bit of facebook, little bit of a global warehouse. the other thing it symbolizes is the reach of china's growing the way for and american investors to indirectly by end to china's growing middle
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class. that is one of the things that has american investigators so captivated. it's important to keep in mind that these are not regular investors. they are not buying direct shares. they are institutional investors. they are hedge funds and big investors. it could all go horribly wrong, presumably. is a technicality that is very interesting here. china does not allow ownership and internet companies, so this is shares of us spun off company located in the cayman islands, but it is indirectly ownership of alibaba. wants to expand beyond china. should u.s. companies be worried?
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>> maybe. they have already taken stock of several american companies. there is sort of an inverse relationship. wall street today is looking at how much yahoo! is worth when they sell their stake in alibab a. are they worth anything? do they have a growing business model once they dump their stake? >> one person believes they could be even bigger than walmart. of theas on the floor stock exchange today basically going around touting the company, talking about it. he is very rich today on paper, but that is part of his legacy. the company and selling himself to investors and american tv audiences. >> how about the chinese government? what does it think? the chinese government is wrestling with the question of how do you both have
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expansive capitalism and a chinese communist government. that is the question facing them economically right now. >> does it surprise you that alibab is now worth more than facebook? like snow, but these things can change quickly. can change in the first couple of days. it will be interesting to see if they have a sustainable business model over the next couple of years. >> and that is the big question. now to palm springs, california, an iconic american towns filled with golf courses. away from the main streets packed with tourists, it has a much richer culture. we did an inside look into palm springs and a new book.
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>> palm springs is a small town with big-city sophistication in the middle of the desert. there is a mystical vibe that can be felt. it is quite palpable. it is part of the feeling i have when i step out of the car from l.a.. it is a true all moment. everybody has a very clear of what -- clear idea of what it is , and they are right, but there is a lot more to it than any simply defined idea of it. it's an amazing shrine to midcentury design that is also small town america. say to me, what do you do out there?
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it is so hot. it is hot in the summer. but that's a great excuse to do nothing. there are a lot of retirees there, but there are also young people and people who are there for different reasons. one thing that shows the different sides of it is i have a portrait called mike and bob. theiran elderly couple in decorated living room. what i love about that photo is it really shows the joy that they have in their home and in their life there. contrast that with the couple in the photo td garden. and are new to palm springs really interested and involved in the preservation community there. i liked the juxtaposition of those two images.
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this particular body of work is meant to be a very optimistic look at palm springs and it is thet to really illustrate good aspects that can still be had in a small town in america. it is a particular love poem to this town. thanks for watching and have a great weekend. >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, kovler foundation, beijing tourism, and union bank.
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>> tradition. history. culture. discover the best memories of your life. >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet los angeles.
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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> woodruff: secretary of state kerry said today there is a role for iran in the effort to combat islamic state militants, but in an interview with the newshour, iran's foreign minister takes aim at the american strategy. >> nobody can force anybody in our region. we have influence in iraq, we have influence in syria, we have influence in the region. the reason we have influence is that we do not impose our will. >> woodruff: good evening, i'm judy woodruff. also ahead, scotland votes to remain part of the u.k., but with hopes of more power and autonomy. >> woodruff: we head out to the wilds of the american west where


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